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Below you will find a series of frequently asked questions. Just click on the question to see the relevant answer. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Are your courses recognized?
How am I assessed throughout the course?
What form do the tests/assessments take?
How do students submit test papers to the college for assessment?
Are there any time limits or deadline dates?
Do students obtain a qualification once the course is completed?
How does Home Study via Distance Education work?
How difficult are the courses likely to be?
Can I contact other students?
What happens if I need help?
Do I need any additional study material once I have enrolled?
Where can additional study resources be found?
When do the courses start?
Are any previous qualifications required to enroll on a course?
Are there any further costs involved?
Can I do more than one course at a time?
Can I enroll from anywhere in the world?
How do I know which course will be most beneficial to me?
Do I obtain a qualification once I have completed my course?
Can I pay by installments?
How do I enroll?
Do I need to attend any classes?
When will I receive access to my online course?
What secure payment methods do you offer?

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