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These online courses cover a broad range of topics across the financial services industry to best represent your needs . The courses are recognized by the leading investment banks, commercial banks, brokerage firms, wealth management firms, insurance companies, governmental agencies, and universities in more than 45 countries.


Risk Management
Financial Advisors
Portfolio Management
Fixed Income Analytics
Fixed Income Markets
Accounting Curriculum
Business Banking Lending Small Businesses
Banking Sales Skills
Corporate Finance
Business Banking Lending: Consumers
Introduction to Securities
Futures and Options
Financial and Estate Planning
Trusts and Investments
Credit Risk
Introduction to World Equity Markets
Fundamentals of Small Business Banking
Introduction to Credit Risk
The Fixed Income Repo Market
Investment Principles
Finance Essentials I
Implementing Basel II: Commercial Banks
Basel II - Overview
Investing in Money Market Instruments
Performance Management
Introduction to Equity Valuation
Lending Against Marketable Securities - v2
Collective Investment Schemes in the UK
Understanding Uncertainty
Credit Analysis for High Net Worth Individuals
UK Accounting - v2
Understanding a CFO's Challenges
Understanding Financial Planning
Value at Risk
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
Referring Mutual Funds and Securities Customers
Referring Trust Customers
Rewards and Recognition
Sales Coaching in the Bank
Servicing and Growing Small Business Relationships
Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act
Successful Sales Campaigns
Technical Analysis
Long-Term Insurance: Pricing and Underwriting
Managing Change
Managing Employee Relations
Managing Time at Work
Operational Risk Fundamentals
Operational Risk: Quantification and Mitigation
Overview of Financial Statements
Personal Tax Return Analysis
Portfolio Risk
Hiring the Best
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)
Implementing Basel II: Investment Banks
Implementing Basel II: Retail Banks
Improving Productivity
Initial Public Offerings
Insurance Overview: UK
Introduction to Analyzing Financial Statements
Introduction to Financial Planning Products
Introduction to Investment Banking
Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation
Introduction to Performance Measurement
Investing in Hedge Funds
Fair Housing Act
Fair Lending
FDIC Deposit Insurance
Flood Disaster Protection Act
Fundamentals of Consumer Lending
Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending
Fundamentals of Mutual Funds
Hedging Equity with Futures and Options
Eurodollar Futures Strip
Exotic Options
Expedited Funds Availability Act
Extending Credit to Bank Insiders - Regulation O
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Credit Products for Small Businesses
Cross-Selling Deposit Products
Dealing Effectively with Co-Workers
Effective Referrals
Electronic Fund Transfer Act - Regulation E
Equal Credit Opportunity Act - Regulation B
Ethical Issues for Bankers
Coaching for Success
Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)
Consumer Credit Products
Corrective Action
Building Trust Expertise: Investment Management
Building and Retaining Customer Relationships
Building Trust Expertise: Taxation and Estate Planning
Business Etiquette
Calling on Small Business Customers
Americans with Disabilities Act
Anti-Money Laundering
Bank Bribery Act
Banking Today
Introduction to Mortgage-Backed Securities
Investing in Equity
Yield Analytics
Introduction to Foreign Exchange
Equity Derivative Strategies: Profit/Loss Analysis
Introduction to Securities Markets
The Income Statement - v2
Introduction to Options
Forward Foreign Exchange
Bond Price Sensitivity-Global
Portfolio Duration
Bond Yield
Monte Carlo Simulation and VAR
Portfolio Diversification
Building Trust Expertise: Trust Administration
Introduction to Option Pricing Theory
Probability Distribution of Returns
Basic Margin
Managing Client Expectations
Tools for Evaluating Options
Bond Price Sensitivity
US Treasury Bond Auctions - v2
Vanilla Currency Options
Working Capital - v2
The Balance Sheet - v2
The Dividend Discount Model
The Human Side of Investing
Time Value of Money
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)
Short-Term Debt Securities
Statistics Essentials
Mergers and Acquisitions
Microeconomics Essentials
Portfolio Management of Credit Assets
Ratio Analysis - v2
Privacy for Customer Contact Personnel
Life of a Trade: Global
Life of a Trade: U.S. Domestic
Loan Structuring
Long-Term Assets - v2
Long-Term Debt Securities
IAS vs GAAP: Derivatives and Hedging
Income Statement Analysis - v2
Introduction to Asset-Backed Securities
Introduction to Capital Budgeting
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Introduction to Credit Derivatives: Part One
Introduction to Economic Profit
Introduction to Equity Derivative Strategies
Introduction to Forwards and Futures
Introduction to Portfolio Management
Introduction to Swaps
Introduction to World Bond Markets
Investing in Bonds
Fundamentals of Economic Indicators
Futures Instruments
Hedging Currency Risk with Derivatives
Currency Swaps
Current Assets - v2
Developing Credit Solutions
Dividend Policy
Equity Valuation - FCFF Model
Cash Flow Analysis
Cash Flow Statement - v2
Cost of Capital
Bond Duration
Introduction to Relationship Selling
Business Math Boot Camp
Calculating Economic Profit
Capital Budgeting - Deriving the Cash Flows
Caps, Floors, and Swaptions
Capital Structure
Accounting Essentials
Alternative Investments
Anti-Money Laundering: Commercial and Private Banking
Asset Allocation
Asset Swaps
Interest Rate Swaps
Barrier Options
Truth in Savings Act
Capital Asset Pricing Model
Liabilities and Equity - v2
Portfolio Returns
Insurance Overview: US
Hedging Interest Rate Risk with Derivatives
Introduction to Bonds
Finance Essentials II
Anti-Money Laundering: Securities Broker/Dealers
Reinsurance: Market and Methods



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