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Become a Veterinary Assistant

Distance Learning Online Course of 12 Lessons. Become a Veterinary Assistant. Do you love animals? Have you ever thought about a career as a veterinary assistant? This course, taught by a practicing veterinarian and college instructor, will give you the information you need to prepare for work in veterinary hospitals. What Read More

Become a Veterinary Assistant II: Canine Reproduction

Distance Learning Course of 12 Lessons. This course is the definitive guide to the principles of sound dog breeding. If you’re a veterinary assistant or preparing to become one, this course will help you understand the essential facts so you can knowledgeably converse with clients on the complexities of canine reproduction.Candidates for a breeding program need to be assessed not only for confirmation, but also for health. Read More..

Become a Veterinary Assistant III: Practical Skills

Distance Learning Course of 12 Lessons. Learn the practical skills you’ll need to be a valuable veterinary assistant or educated pet owner. Taught by a practicing veterinarian, this course is the third installment in our “Become a Veterinary Assistant” series.
Please join us as we explore all the many duties that a veterinary assistant typically performs. Through instruction and demonstration, you’ll learn how to safely restrain an animal for blood tests, urine collection, and injections. Read More..

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