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Wedding Planner and Events Management

Distance Learning Course of 12 Lessons. This distance learning online course is designed for those wishing to pursue a career as a wedding planner or a wedding planner’s assistant, either on a sole trader basis or as part of a larger wedding planning organisation. The wedding planner can be involved at Read More



Private Investigating

A Distance Learning Course of 8 Lessons. The course need not only appeal to those wanting to start an agency of their own, but also to anyone wanting to have more investigative power / skills in their own business and private life. The course is intended to equip the student with Read More



Office Management

A Distance Learning Course of 6 Lessons. Like it or not, every manager has to organise his or her work place. It may involve organising one department or the entire business. We organise to develop good work habits. When organising we take a realistic look at the future, then try to Read More



Medical Office Management

A Distance Learning Course of 8 Lessons. As the need for health services increases, so the need for effective medical office and health management becomes greater. Assistants who provide this crucial function are an important part of this service and subsequently need to prepare themselves well for providing a professional service. Read More



International Human Resource Management

International HRM – A Distance Learning Course of 9 Lessons. For many years, human resource management was seen as the “poor relation” of the business functions. Limited to a low-key administrative role, concerned with employee welfare and payroll administration, or at best a trouble-shooting role concerned with resolving labour-management conflicts, human Read More


Business Finance

A Distance Learning Course of 4 Lessons. Business Finance deals with the raising and managing of funds. Irrespective of the organisation’s size, at some point in time, management will need to address the issues raised when attempting to secure funds for the organisation. Fund management activities require financial forecasting. This forecasting Read More



Business Management

A Distance Learning Course of 6 Lessons. Business Management can be defined as the process of leading and directing all or part of an organisation, through the deployment and manipulation of resources (human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible). Managers must also measure the performance of the organisation on a regular basis, Read More



Business Economics

A Distance Learning Course of 10 Lessons. Economics is the study of scarcity and the consequences of scarcity. Individuals, households, businesses and nations all experience some level of scarcity, in that they do not possess all the resources to satisfy all their wants and needs. Decisions have to be Read More