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Psychotherapy – Advanced

A Distance Learning Course of 8 Lessons. Psychotherapy is treatment in psychological terms as contrasted with physical treatments such as drugs, electric convulsive therapy and psychosurgery. Psychotherapy strives for the articulation and understanding of the client’s ideas about himself and about other people and by employing such techniques in areas as Read More



Psychology – Advanced

A Distance Learning Course of 28 Lessons. Have you ever wondered why the happy nine-month-old baby who always used to greet you with smiles and laughs has suddenly started crying as soon as you approach? Have you ever found out why you are afraid of spiders, and what you can do Read More



Professional Therapeutic Counselling

A Distance Learning Course of 26 Lessons. Counsellors and therapists deal with a broad range of difficulties including redundancy, marital problems, alcoholism, eating disorders, self-esteem and bereavement. This integrated course is based upon the theory that life’s difficulties are perceived and tackled by the individual in relation to a host of Read More



Life Skills Coaching – Advanced

A Distance Learning Course of 25 Lessons. The Advanced Life Skills Coaching Diploma course is designed as a complete professional training package, incorporating a full range of therapeutic models in a complete holistic life skills coaching programme. The student will gain competence in modalities including; Basic Counselling, Psychoanalysis, CBT, Coaching, Advanced Read More



Counselling Skills – Advanced

Distance Learning Course of 6 Lessons. “Counselling can enable a person to clarify their thoughts and feelings in order that they might arrive at their own decisions and even comfortably initiate major changes in their lives.” About Counselling Skills Advanced There is a real danger that counselling is losing touch with its roots Read More



Life Skills Coaching

Distance Learning Course of 18 Lessons. Life Skills Coach: In a world of ever-increasing stress, we need to develop and maintain control over our lives, We need to organize, prioritise, achieve targets, communicate effectively, handle change – and we need to be assertive, confident and happy. Features: Life Skills Trainers help Read More



Counselling Skills

A Distance Learning Course of 6 Lessons. Counselling is essentially a lively, human and personal experience between two people. Therefore, it is a process which requires commitment of time and effort from both parties. The aim is for the counsellor to help the client find their own answers and to become Read More



Counselling Children & Adolescents

A Distance Learning Course of 22 Lessons. Counsellors help the client find their own answers and become more in charge of their own lives rather than less so; to be able to live their own life rather than be lived by it. Features: With educational establishments looking to provide professional, in-house Read More



Child Psychology

A Distance Learning Course of 20 Lessons. This in-depth course in Child Psychology will provide you with an amazing insight into the development of children and will help you understand the things and situations that can affect how a child behaves. Whether you are a parent or work within the childcare Read More