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Certified Residential Interior Designer 

Distance Learning Course GES 515 » 120 hours> Are you seeking a career in Residential Interior Design or interested in learning about interior design strategies? If so, then the Residential Interior Design Exam and Education (RIDE) certification program will provide you with the education you are looking for. This program will give you Read More

Feng Shui

A Distance Learning Course of 20 Lessons. “In China, many people believe that to remain healthy and create wealth and happiness it is necessary to maintain a healthy environment in which to live and work.” Many businesses both large and small rely on ancient Chinese rules to dictate how their buildings and offices Read More

Interior Design

A Distance Learning Course of 11 Lessons. Are you thinking about starting a career as an Interior Designer? Have you considered setting up your own business and making an income as an Interior Designer? Or maybe you have always wanted to study Interior Design to improve your own home? If you Read More