Certified Residential Interior Designer

Certified Residential Interior Designer

Distance Learning Course GES 515 » 120 hours>

Course Description

Are you seeking a career in Residential Interior Design or interested in learning about interior design strategies? If so, then the Residential Interior Design Exam and Education (RIDE) certification program will provide you with the education you are looking for.

This program will give you the basic skills and background you need to start working as a home interior designer. You will explore the cornerstones of good design, discover how to plan both visually appealing and functional spaces, and learn how interior design has evolved throughout history.

This program will also give you a glimpse into the excitement of running your own design business and train you on ethical practices for your business.

Upon completion of this program, you will take the Residential Interior Designer Exam (RIDE) as the final. After you receive your RIDE certification, receive benefits such as a free one-year Designer Society of America, or DSA designer membership and possible participation in a 40-hour internship through DSA, if you meet eligibility requirements.

About Interior Design

Take an inspiring journey into the past as you learn about the history of design styles and furnishings. What can ancient civilizations teach us about design? Surprisingly, quite a bit! You will find out what our contemporary design aesthetic owes to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, and you will explore historical design styles that people still love today.

Investigate the elements of interior design: materials, color, textiles, lighting, and accessories. Discover how to combine these elements to create the type of atmosphere that your clients desire.

This program will provide insight on running your own design business and will teach you the fundamentals and ethical practices involved in becoming a Residential Interior Designer.

It offers helpful information on establishing your business, networking with contractors and vendors, marketing, meeting with clients, and managing projects in an ethical and professional way.

The program offers useful documents and exercises to help you practice and develop your skills. Use the knowledge you gain throughout the course to create a floor plan and a complete design concept for a family room in your first big project. By the end of the program, you will be prepared to seek out clients and help them transform their interiors into satisfying spaces.

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Tuition & Fees

2800.00 CAD