Indian Head Massage

A Distance Learning Course of 6 Lessons

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Course Description

Passed from generation to generation, Indian Head Massage is now recognised as one of the most pleasant ways of relieving stress and tension. Discover for yourself how this ancient art can be beneficial to you and your clients.

Your tuition will cover all aspects of this wonderful relaxing therapy, from its history to present day applications including how it affects body, mind and spirit. The continual assessment methods employed by the College with tutor support and motivation throughout the course will assure that you obtain your goals.

Course Syllabus

The history of Indian Head Massage – its development, how it works and how it is relevant to modern living

How to manage stress – causes – how to recognise it, and various ways to deal with it

Basic massage techniques – discover a range of massage techniques for specific areas of the shoulders, neck, face and head

Looking after your hair – an in-depth look at the make-up of an individual’s hair and its function

Tuition is also provided on a range of hair problems and remedies

Self massage – this step-by-step guide provides an easily applied method of relaxation and stress reduction – easy to follow diagrams will be provided

Dealing with headaches and muscle strains – a range of ways of correction will be discussed in detail for everyday problems


On completion of your course, you will receive two qualifications:

Qualification 1: Indian Head Massage Diploma

Indian Head Massage Diploma issued by Stonebridge Associated Colleges, entitling you to use the letters SAC Dip after your name.

Qualification 2: Indian Head Massage Certificate of Completion

Indian Head Massage Certificate of Completion issued by eLearn Canada college.

Study Options

This course is an online course. With online study you have access to your entire course from the start of your studies. You can access your course materials, and submit all of your question papers to your personal tutor, online from anywhere in the World using your unique student account.

Tutor Support

With this course you will have unlimited access to your own personal tutor who specialises in their field of study. It is your personal tutor’s role to ensure that you receive constructive feedback and to deal with any queries you may have. You are more than welcome to telephone, fax or email your personal tutor.

You will also have access to a dedicated and friendly team of administrators and course advisors who offer sound and professional guidance and advice when you need it. This ensures that you will never feel neglected and that you will always succeed!

Requirements for Entry

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrollment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Study Hours

This is only an approximate figure and is dependant upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies and how well you grasp the learning concepts in the course material. Furthermore, at the end of each lesson there is a question paper that needs to be completed and returned to your tutor. You should allow at least 1 – 2 hours of study to complete each question paper.

The approximate amount of time required to complete the course is: 140 hrs.

Additional Information

Assessment Method

After each lesson there will be a question paper, which needs to be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for marking. This method of continual assessment ensures that your personal tutor can consistently monitor your progress and provide you with assistance throughout the duration of the course.

What’s Included

All study materials
Study Guide
Full Tutor and Admin support
The course fee includes the registration and certification fee

Tuition & Fees 780.00 CAD

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